Young Living Explores Collaborative Opportunities with SEAMEO BIOTROP Wednesday, 15 May 2024 on 2:06pm

Young Living Explores Collaborative Opportunities with SEAMEO BIOTROP

SEAMEO BIOTROP welcomed esteemed delegates from Young Living on Monday, 29 April 2024, to explore avenues for collaboration and partnership. The visit aimed to harness the potential of local plants for product development and community empowerment.

Representing Young Living were esteemed researchers Dr. Lin and Dr. Wu, whose expertise in botanical compounds holds promise in understanding disease progression and aiding patient care. Dr. Wu, currently a professor at Tjugu University in Nagoya, Japan, emphasized the fusion of Eastern medicinal wisdom with Western scientific rigor, citing the unique compounds found in special Okinawan citrus as pivotal in enhancing Young Living's product line.

Beyond mere product sales, Young Living is committed to revolutionizing consumer habits towards healthier, plant-based alternatives. Ms Raya, Head of Marketing at Young Living, provided insights into the company's global reach, boasting partnerships with over 5 million brands and operations in 70 countries, with 23 farms worldwide dedicated to sustainable production.

The discussion, led by Dr. Supriyanto, an expert at SEAMEO BIOTROP, delved into Indonesia's rich resources of essential oil-producing plants. Dr. Supriyanto proposed the exploration of several species for their essential oil utilization, including Salam Lemon, Aquilara sp., and Clausena anisata. Those plants were renowned by the local for their health benefits and potential economic impact, yet facing technological gaps and endangerment.

Of particular concern was the dwindling population of Gaharu trees, with three out of nine Indonesian species already extinct and five endangered due to overexploitation. Proposed solutions centered on plantation development and conservation efforts to safeguard these valuable resources.
The visit continued with campus tour, showcasing SEAMEO BIOTROP's natural product laboratory, aromatherapy plant nursery, and plantation facilities.

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