BIOTROP's Director Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran Champions Education Innovation at the 12th SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium Wednesday, 20 March 2024 on 8:57am

BIOTROP's Director Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran Champions Education Innovation at the 12th SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium

Addressing the evolving landscape of education in the era of generative AI, Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran, Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, recently participated in the 12th SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium. This event was supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan. This event, held on 27 – 28 February 2024 in University of Tsukuba, Japan brought together experts from across Japan and Southeast Asia to deliberate on “Challenges and Ways Forward in the Era of Generative AI with Reflection on 25 Years of 21st Century Education”.

The symposium showcased a broad array of topics, including the implications of generative AI, the cultivation of higher-order thinking skills, and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Esteemed speakers, including directors from various SEAMEO centers, and experts from the University of Tsukuba, EdTech Hub, TeachAI, and Khan Academy, among others, provided invaluable insights.

A notable aspect of the symposium was its focus on inclusivity and international education, with Frankie Randle from UNHCR highlighting the educational challenges faced by refugees and marginalized communities. Furthermore, the University of Tsukuba led the SEA-Teacher sessions, emphasizing the importance of international exchange programs for student-teachers.

Marking several firsts for SEAMEO activities, the symposium was the first in its series to be conducted in a hybrid format, re-introducing onsite participation while maintaining an active online presence. The event attracted approximately 19,500 online participants over two days, with breakout sessions gathering over 150 participants for focused discussions.

This symposium also provided live language interpretation in five Southeast Asian languages, and participated by people from across the region such as China, India, Japan, El Salvador, Hungary, Kenya, the United States, and Uzbekistan.

Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran's participation in the symposium underscores BIOTROP's dedication to pioneering educational innovations and adapting to the rapid advancements in technology. It signifies a collective effort to prepare educators for the challenges and opportunities presented by the 21st-century educational landscape. Through such platforms, BIOTROP and its partners continue to foster dialogue and exchange knowledge to navigate the future of education effectively.

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