Training Series for SMK Teachers: BIOTROPs Support for MoECs SMK Revitalization Program Monday, 22 July 2019 on 4:47pm

Training Series for SMK Teachers: BIOTROPs Support for MoECs SMK Revitalization Program

SEAMEO BIOTROP has been conducting a series of training activities for Vocational High School (SMK) teachers in its Campus in Bogor for two and a half months starting from July 2019. These activities are intended to encourage the SMK Revitalization Program initiated by the Directorate of SMK Development of the Ministry of Education of Culture (MoEC) of the Republic of Indonesia. Around 189 teachers from various SMK throughout Indonesia participates in these activities.

Dr. Aslan, BIOTROP’s Acting Deputy Director for Program in his opening remarks said that the food security program is one of the main priorities in revitalizing and updating the areas of expertise in SMK. "We have to achieve our food sovereignty, and SMK has potential to contribute to it. Through these training activities, the competency of teachers, education staff, and students will be improved following local potential. We also introduce our expertise in agriculture which supports the Teaching Factory program," he added.

The training courses consist of 10 packages of materials (2-4 days for each) that could be chosen by participants. The training participants are divided into six groups with different implementation times. The first one (25 teachers) has participated in the lecture activities starting from 15 July 2019.

A total of eight materials are delivered by the Centre’s experts: 1) Mushroom Cultivation and Production of Mushroom Chips, by Samsul A. Yani, SSi; 2) Plant Tissue Culture, by Dr. Erina Sulistiani; 3) Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems, by Riana Hartati, SSi; 4) Essential Oil Plants Cultivation and Essential Oil Extraction Techniques, by Dr. Supriyanto and Joner Situmorang, MSi; 5) Natural Perfume, Aromatherapy, and Natural Soap Production, by Dr. Supriyanto and Joner Situmorang, MSi; 6) Lemon Cultivation and Lemon Juice Production, by Dr. Supriyanto and Omit Sumitra; 7) Soy Milk Production, by Novi Waskitasari; and 8) Construction of Teaching Factory in SMK, by Dr. Supriyanto and Omit Sumitra. Novi Waskitasari is a Chairperson of BIOTROP’s Women Association (PWB), while Omit Sumitra is a teacher of SMKN 2 Cibadak, Sukabumi, which has developed lemon-based entrepreneurship.

Bambang Hermanto, MMPd, a participant from SMKN 1 Banua Lawas, South Kalimantan who took part in Lemon, Hydroponic and Aquaponic courses said, “The materials shared are in line with food security program. I am grateful that I can obtain knowledge directly from the resource persons who do implement the knowledge and practice in the field”. It is also expected that the teachers trained will be able to spread the knowledge to their colleagues and students and implement it in their respective schools.

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