SEAMEO BIOTROP Director and SSA Awardee from SEMEO BIOTROP Join the 52nd SEAMEO Council Conference Monday, 13 February 2023 on 10:18am

SEAMEO BIOTROP Director and SSA Awardee from SEMEO BIOTROP Join the 52nd SEAMEO Council Conference

Education leaders from Southeast Asian countries gathered in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, on February 8-9, 2023, for the 52nd SEAMEO Council Conference (SEAMEC). The conference was attended by notable figures in the education sector, including outgoing SEAMEO Council President H.E Mr Chan Chun Sing from Singapore and Philippines Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte.

The conference, which carried the theme "Transformation through Learning Exchange: Building Resilient Systems as a Region," aimed to address the pressing issues of equitable access to education and post-pandemic recovery and the need for resilience in education systems in many countries. The three-day event also provided a platform for education champions to discuss and share their best practices for strengthening their education systems.

In her opening message, Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte stressed the urgency of addressing learning gaps and education equality. "We need to act now. We cannot afford to waste more time. As education leaders, we cannot allow a single child to miss out on the opportunity and benefits of learning and the wonders of being able to use it positively," she said.

The Education Chief also called for all ASEAN leaders to embrace "Bayanihan", which translates to “Spirit of civic unity and cooperation”, and to take their responsibility as education leaders seriously, as their decisions today will impact the quality of life in their countries and the entire ASEAN Region for generations to come.

Duterte also presented the MATATAG Agenda of the Department, highlighting the agency's commitment to improving the quality of basic education in the Philippines. Meanwhile, H.E. Mr. Chan Chun Sing discussed the innovative ways in which ASEAN countries coped with the pandemic and how it has shaped the landscape of their education.

The conference concluded with the election of VP Secretary Sara Duterte as the Council President from 2023 to 2025, further solidifying her commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the education sector and promoting education equality in the Southeast Asian region.

The Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran, and the recipient of the SEAMEO Service Award from SEAMEO BIOTROP, Trijanti A. Widinni Asnan, also attended the 52nd SEAMEO Council Conference.

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