Completed Research of SEAMEO BIOTROP

Year Category Author Title
2021 Research Grant A. Shoiful, U. J. Siregar, L. Ernawati, S. N. Roslan, R. Mohamad, S. M. S. Hitam, R. Abdullah Biotransformation of Palm Oil Mill Effluent to Biofuel by Immobilized Microalgae in a Down Flow Hanging Sponge Reactor (DHS)
2020 Research Grant Impron, Y. Setiawan, H. Imantho, O. A. Endiviana, S. W. Sugiarto, T. Yuliawan Development of Spatial Decision Support System for Village Based National Rice Production (Phase 1: Developing Baseline of Spatially-Explicit Dynamic Model)
2020 Research Grant N. K. Aini Haplotype Diversity and Population Subdivision of the Indian (Tachypleus gigas) Horseshoe Crab for monitoring conservation in Indonesia
2020 Research Grant S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo, S. Tjitrosemito, S. Bachri, I. Wahyuni, Irawan, I. Ridwantara Biological Studies of Chimonobambusa Quadrangularis, an Exploration of Its Potency of Consumable Young Shoot
2020 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, S. Ambarwati, N. Nurfadila Powder Formulation of Yeast to Control Ochratoxin a Producing Fungus in Arabica Coffee
2020 Research Grant Surono, W. Annisa, E. Yuniarti, D. N. Susilowati, B.P.W. Soekarno, Nurjaya, Y. Suryadi, M. Wijayanti, D. Aksani The Application of Dark Septate Endophytic Fungi (DSE) to Promote Rice Production in Acidic Stress Conditions in Kalimantan Swamp Land
2020 Research Grant Aswandi, C. R. Kholibrina, Supriyanto Increasing the Added Alue of Styrax Essential Oil Through Innovation of Personal Care and Beauty Products
2020 Research Grant I. S. Harahap, . S. Widayanti, T. A. Widinni A., H. Widhiastuti Stored-Product Insect Infestation on Rice: Analysis of Economic Losses and Development of Fumigation Protocol to Manage Phosphine Resistant Strain of Cryptolestes spp. (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae) in Rice Storage Facilities
2020 Research Grant A. Munif, Gusmaini, . E. N. Herliyana Technology Endophytic Bacteria for Healthy Seedling and Plant Growth Improvement of Pepper
2020 Research Grant A. S. Yuwono, Y. Wardiatno, R. Widyastuti, D. Wulandari Formulation of Ecosystem Health Index in Indonesia (3rd Year)
2020 Research Grant I. A. Fauzi, S. Marlinda, Yana The Use of Watermelon Rind as Functional Feed Ingredient for Redclaw Crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus)
2020 Research Grant D. Wulandari, C. Agus, A. F. Maulana, R. Wahyudi, S. Ikay Application of Selected Microbe and Modified Organic Soil Amendment Into Selected Plant Species to Restore Degraded Karts Area, Imogiri Yogyakarta
2020 Research Grant S. Yuliani, S. Widayanti, T. A. Widinni, H. Widhiastuti, K. Wahyuningsih Development of Nano-Encapsulation of Mint Oil for Use as Fumigants for Controlling Stored Product Insect Pest Tribolium Castaneum
2020 Research Grant I. Z. Siregar, P. Pamoengkas, M. Majiidu Collection of Reproductive Materials of Ebony ( Diospyros Celebica ) Based on Genetic Information
2020 Research Grant Husna, F. D. Tuheteru, . Basrudin, A. Arif Propagation of EHA (Castanopsis Buruana Miq.) in Supporting of Development Plantation Forest in Sulawesi
2020 Research Grant M. Krisanti, E. W. Erliani Genetic Diversity and Structure Analysis of Sipunculan in Banda Naira
2020 Research Grant U. J. Siregar, S. Hartati Genotyping Sengon ( Falcataria Moluccana ) Resistance to Boktor Pest ( Xystrocera Festiva ) and Gall Rust ( Uromycladium Tepperianum ) Disease Using Genomics Data
2020 Research Grant A. Yusmur, I. Wahyuni, S. Bahri Floating Garden For Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
2020 Research Grant N. K. Aini Haplotype Diversity and Population Subdivision of the Indian (Tachypleus gigas) Horseshoe Crab for Monitoring Conservation in Indonesia
2020 Research Grant E. Yetti, Y. Sunarya, F. P. Wardhani The Use of Local Marine Bacteria from Indonesian Environment for Development of Textiles Dye (Indigo)
2020 Research Grant D. Fitra Development Study of Ayam Kampung (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) With Free Range System in Peatland Riau Province
2019 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito, I. Wahyuni Msi, S. Bachri, SS. Tjitrosoedirdjo The Development of Invasive Alien Plant Species Management In the Framework of Rehabilitation of Invaded Ecosystems at Gunung Gede and Pangrango National Park
2019 Research Grant Dr. I. S. Harahap,Ir.sri widayanti,T. A.widinni Asnan.M,Si HerniWidhiastuti, S.Si Arif Nuryadin Heri Yanto Extraction and Identification of Pheromone Compounds From Major Insect Pests On Stored Coffee Beans
2019 Research Grant A Fadillah, A P P Hartoyo, A Solikhin Business Model Development of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch and Trunk Carbon Nanofibers – Based Water Purifier
2019 Research Grant S. U. Adi Kunarso, Agus Kurniawan, Noor Farikhah Haneda, N. Endra Lelana The Success of Sonneratia SP. Nurseries to Support Mangrove Restoration in Berbak and Sembilang National Park
2019 Research Grant Rommy Qurniati, Duryat, Arif Darmawan and Destia Novasari Strategy of Sustainable Mangrove Ecology
2019 Research Grant Leila D. Landicho Mary Anne G. Abadillos Rowena Esperanza Dicolen-Cabahug Maria Theresa Nemesis P. Ocampo Contributions of Traditional and Indigenous Practices to Ecological Restoration of Way Besai Landscape, Indonesia and Tanay Landscape, Philippines
2019 Research Grant S I Rahmawati1, F N Izzati, Y Hapsari, Yadi, E Septiana, F Rachman, Bustanussalam, S Nurhalimah, P Simanjuntak Secondary Metabolite From Mangrove Derived Endophytic Bacteria for Antioxidant and Toxicological Evaluation Using Brine Shrimp Model
2019 Research Grant Nijma Nurfadila Antagonistic Effect of Yeast, Acetic Acid Bacteria, and Mangosteen Grind Extract to Aflatoxigenic Aspergillus Flavus
2019 Research Grant Risa Rosita Rehabilitasi Tanah Bekas Tambang Menggunakan Rumput Signal (Brachiaria Decumbens) Melalui Pemanfaatan Multi Strain Mikoriza Arbuskula Dan Azospirillum
2019 Research Grant Anidah Screening of Toxigenic Aspergillus Flavus Strains and Aflatoxin Content From Agricultural Commodities in Indonesia
2019 Research Grant Slamet Widodo Sugiarto GIS Development and Application Of Agricultural Land Valuation Model: A Vulnerability Analysis Approach
2019 Research Grant Fera Maulidya Sukarno Management of School Garden Based On Student Participation by Youth Science Club Improving Inquiry and Entrepreneurship Skills In Smpn 1 Subang
2019 Research Grant Ari Setyowati, Ambar Retnoningrum, Kristina Andriyani AN AQUAPONIC SYSTEM TO PRODUCE BLACK RICE AND CATFISH
2018 Research Grant OS. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Potency of Yeast as Biocontrol Agent of Ochratoxin A Producing Fungi and Its Effect on the Taste of Wet and Semi-Wet Processed Arabica Coffee
2018 Research Grant IS. Harahap, S. Widayanti, TA. Widinni Asnan, H. Widhiastuti Nanoformulation of Mint Oil: Its Effectiveness against Phosphine Resistant Strains of Triboliumcastaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) a Major Stored Product Pest
2018 Research Grant A. S. Darmarini Trophic Structure of Macrozoobenthos Community on Mangrove Ecosystem
2018 Research Grant T. Mariyanti Improving Cooperation and Nutrition Among Special Need Students at School of Human Bekasi through Vertical and Raised Bed Organic Gardening Within the Teamwork Method of Learning
2018 Research Grant Robin Modeling Jakarta Bay Small-Scale Fisheries Sustainability Using Social Ecological System Framework
2018 Research Grant R. Hartati, M. Zainuri, Ambariyanto, Widianingsih Study on Establishment of New Ecosystem and Its Relation with Their Feeding Ecology : An Attempt of Sea Ranching of Holothuria Atra
2018 Research Grant OS. Ariantie, B. Purwantara, Amrozi, TL. Yusuf, NT. Rochman Nanoparticle of egg yolk in frozen semen diluent to support germ plasm conservation of Garut sheep
2018 Research Grant SM. Agustine, Santika, L. Lindawati, T. Herliandini "Landscaping" as Project Based Learning: Creating an Artistic School Gardens Contextual and Integrated Learning Media in SMPN 13 Kota Sukabumi
2018 Research Grant OS. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Potency of Yeast as Biocontrol Agent of Ochratoxin A Producing Fungi and Its Effect on the Taste of Wet and Semi-Wet Processed Arabica Coffee
2018 Research Grant Siswanto, Prakoso HT, Eris DD, Yusup CA, Aminudi, Jayanegara A The Use of Hermetia Illucens for Sustainable Cocoa Farming: Cocoa Pod Husk Bioconversion to Feed Supplement
2018 Research Grant M. Ulfah, H. Achmad, A. Farajallah, AK. Alfiyan, D.Novita Assessment of Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of The Indigenous Chicken Breeds in Indonesia and Malaysia to Support their Sustainable Utilization
2018 Research Grant F. Diba, KAA.Rahim, CC. Ann Ecology, Species Composition and Potential Application of the Enzyme Extraction of Marine Wood Borer from Mangrove Forest of Borneo
2018 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito, SS. Tjitrosoedirdjo, I. Wahyuni, S Bachri Balance of Chromolaena odorata And Cecidochres connexa Populations to Achieve an Effective Biological Control Output
2018 Research Grant UJ. Siregar, S. Hartati Study on Sengon (Falcataria moluccana) Resistance to Boktor Pest (Xystrocera festiva) and Gall Rust (Uromycladium tepperianum) Part III: Optimation of Cloning Protocols and Gene Expression Study
2018 Research Grant AS. Yuwono, Y. Wardiatno, R. Widyastuti, D. Wulandari Development of Ecosystem Health Index in Indonesia
2018 Research Grant Hamim Heavy Metal Accumulator Plants for Gold Mining Phytoremediation Program: Morpho-Physiological and Histochemical Analysis
2018 Research Grant R. Pribadi, A. Sukma Bahari, W. Ariesta Nur Fadilla Water Quality Assessment for Aquaculture and Chemical Content of Mangrove Based Food
2018 Research Grant HM. Manik Evaluation of Acoustic Technology for Quantifying and Mapping Tropical Seagrass Habitat at Bintan Seawaters
2018 Research Grant M. Rusdin The Analysis of Microsatellite DNA Polymorphisms as a Base of Concervation of Local Swamp Buffalo of Southeast Sulawesi
2017 Research Grant A. Munif, M. F. Oktafiyanto, D. D. Eris The Effectiveness of Various Formulation of Endophytic Bacteria from Mangrove to Control Phytophthora Leaf Blight on Japanese Taro
2017 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, I. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Postharvest Quality Improvement of Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica) Stored Under Warehouse Conditions
2017 Research Grant Dr. Arida Susilowati, S.Hut, M.Si, Dr.Supriyanto, Henti Hendalastuti, S.Hut,M.Si. PhD, Dr.Apri Heriswanto,S.Hut. M.Si, Irawati Azhar, S.Hut.M.Si, Riswan, S.Hut.M.Si Morphogenetic Diversity, Propagation and Suitability of Kemenyan for Degradated Land Restoration in North Sumatera
2017 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, i. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Postharvest Quality Improvement of Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica) Stored Under Warehouse Conditions
2017 Research Grant Dr. Soekisman Tjitrosoedirdjo Biological Control of Acacia Nilotica Subsp. Indica by Using Bio Agent Chiasmia Assimilis (Warren)
2017 Research Grant u.j.siregar,s.hartati Studi Tentang Resistensi Sengon (Falcataria Moluccana) Terhadap Hama Boktor (Xystrocera Festiva) Dan Karat Puru (Uromycladium Tepperianum): Part II
2017 Research Grant I. S. Harahap,.s. widayanti,T. A.w. Asnan.M,Si Development of Fumigant Tablet and Gel Essential Oil-Based Formulation for Controlling Phosphine Resistant Strains of Stored-Product Insect Pests
2017 Research Grant .S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo, Soekisman Dr Tjitrosemito, I. Mawardi S. S.H. Wahyuni, S. Bachri , G. C. Handoyo Control and Eradication of Chimonobambusa Quadranularis in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park
2017 Research Grant Vincentius Siregar, Alan F. Koropitan Projection of Vulnerability Parameters in the Java Sea Using Integration of Marine Biogeochemical and Land-Use Change Models
2017 Research Grant Dewi Wulandari, C.A.Risa Rosita, Ssi. Sunardi Ikay Screening of Beneficial Soil Microorganism Collected From Post Tin Mining
2017 Research Grant Aswandi, S.Hut, A. H.Iswanto, S.Hut. M.Si Dr. Ir. Supriyanto, D.R. Kholibrina, S.Hut, M.Si A. Hasanuddin, S.Hut Promoting Styrax-Coffee Agroforestry System And Apiculture of Trigona SP. For White Propolis Production as Alternative Source of Livelihood for Communities in Lake Toba Catchment Area, North Sumatra
2017 Research Grant Happy Widiastuti Dewi Wulandari Joy Zarate Characterization of Soil Biophysicochemical Properties and Collection of Beneficial Soil Microorganisms Potential to restore Post-Gold Mining Area in Indonesia and Phillipine
2017 Research Grant AFRIAL, S. Pd PEBUARTI, S. Pd ENDANG VERAWATI, S. T.P HERRI CAPPRI, S. Pd ASMIR, S. P Enhancing Students Literacy and Nutrition Through School Garden
2017 Research Grant KEVIN ALVIANTO ABDUL HAKIM ACHMAD RIDWAN SUDARWANTO MUHAMMAD ULFA MUHAMMAD MAIMUN CHOIRUL HUDA Rumah Mangrove : A Community Mangrove Education, Restoration and Nursery Project For Bulak Coastal, Jepara..
2016 Research Grant Henry M. Manik, Ph.D Development and Application of Underwater Acoustics for Ecosystem-Based Management: Proposal for Marine Conservation and Rehabilitation
2016 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, i. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Fungal Infection and Ochratoxin a Contamination in Stored Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica) At Various Stages of the Delivery Chain in Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province
2016 Research Grant D Rahmawati, N. Khumaida, U. J. Siregar Morphological, Wood Anatomicaly and Phytochemical Characterizationevaluation of Susceptible and Resistant Sengon (Fparaserianthes Falcataria Moluccana) Treeunk Towardsagainst Gall Rust Disease
2016 Research Grant VINCENTIUS SIREGAR, and ALAN. F. KOROPITAN Vulnerability Climate Changes Index to Primary Productivity in the Java Sea
2016 Research Grant IdhamSakti Harahap, Sri Widayanti, Trijanti A. Widinni Asnan and Herni Widhiastuti Exploration the Potency of Essential Oils as Fumigant Alternative for Controlling Phosphine Resistant Strains of Triboliumcastaneumherbst. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) In Food and Feed Storages
2016 Research Grant Nur Bambang Priyo Utomo , Eri Setadi , and Julie Ekasarie Nutritional Composition of Water Spinach (Ipomea Aquatica) Grown in Indonesian Aquaponic Systems
2016 Research Grant Prof. Dr. Cahyono Agus, Dr. Dewi Wulandari, M.Agr.Sc, Risa Rosita,S.Si, Sunardi ikay Karakteristik Kimiawi Tanah Dan Koleksi Mikroba Tanah Yang Bermanfaat Dalam Mendukung Perbaikan Laahan Dan Rehabilitas DI Lahan Bekas Tambang Timah, Bangka Indonesia
2016 Research Grant Prof. Dr. Ir. Lilik Budi Prasetyo, MSc, Dr. Himlal Bharat, Dimaz Danang Al-Reza S.Hut Dinar Adiatma S.Hut Recovery Indicator Index of Post Mining Reclamation : A Study Case At PT. Bukit Asam Mining Area
2016 Research Grant LILIK BUDI PRASETYO , HIMLAL BARAL, DIMAZ DANANG AL-REZA and HENGKI TORNANDO Recovery Indicator Index of Post Mining Reclamation: A Case Study at PT. Bukit Asam Mining Area
2016 Research Grant Dr. Ir. Abdul Munif M.Sc.Agr (Koordinator), Muhammad Firdaus Oktafiyanto, SP, Deden Dewantara Eris, SP Exploration of Endophytic Bacteria Originated From Mangrove (Avicenia Spp) Serving as Plant Growth Promoter and Biocontrol Agent of Plant Pathogen
2016 Research Grant Latief Mahir Rachman, Yayat Hidayat, Dwi Putro Tejo Baskoro Building Two Big Dams (Ciawi Dam and Sukamahi Dam) To Control Ciliwung River Discharge, Is It the Best Solution ?
2015 Research Grant Henry M. Manik, Ph.D Detection of Coral Reefs and Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping Using Hydroacoustics Technology in Seribu Island Waters
2015 Research Grant Dr. Dedy Duryadi Solihin, DEA Application of Molecular Genetic for Javan & Sumatran Rhino Monitoring and Preparation for Establishment Second Population
2015 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, i. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Postharvest Quality Improvement of Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans)
2015 Research Grant Dr. I. S. Harahap,Ir.sri widayanti,T. A.widinni Asnan.M,Si Eksplorasi Potensi Minyak Atsiri Sebagai Fumigan Alternatif Dan Deteksi Status Resistensi Serangga Terhadap Fosfin DI Gudang Pangan Dan Pakan
2015 Research Grant M. M. Novianti, D Dewantara, H. T. Prakoso Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Lemon Grass-Based Biofungicide Efication to Control Ganoderma Boninense
2015 Research Grant L. D. Landicho, c Wulandari, R S. B, R. D. Cabahug Draft Article for Biotropia Journal Economic and Ecological Services of Agroforestry Systems in Watershed Areas in the Philippines and Indonesia
2015 Research Grant Dr.Ir. M.Rachman,MSc MBA Dr.Ir. Yayat,Msi Dr.Ir.DPT.Baskoro,Msi Application of SWAT Models in Upriver Flood Control of Ciliwung Watershead Upstream
2015 Research Grant A. H. Iswanto, A Susilowati, I Azhar, Riswan, Supriyanto, J. E. Tarigan The Physical and Mechanical Properties Three Species of Styrax Wood From North Tapanuli
2015 Research Grant S. Bachry, D. D. Solihin, R. Gustiano, K. Soewardi, N. Alias Butet Validation Species of Haliotis Squamata Based on Characteristics Molecular Genetic Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (Coi)
2015 Research Grant T. R. Saridewia, A. Fauzib, S Hadic, and I. W. Rusastrad Red Dragon Fruit Powder as a Basic Ingredient For Functional Food Rich in Bioactive Compounds And Nutritional Substances Planted in Bogor
2015 Research Grant T. R. Saridewia, A. Fauzib, S Hadic, and I. W. Rusastrad Challenge of Pes Implementation in Ciliwung Watershed
2015 Research Grant Eka Purna Yudha* and Resa Ana Dina Urban Farmingas a Solution for Urban Life
2014 Research Grant M. Ulfah, D. Perwitasari, Jakaria, Muladno, A. Farajallah Promoter Region Features of Myxovirus (Mx) Resistance Gene 1 of Indonesian Local Chickens 2
2014 Research Grant H. M. Manik Remote Sensing of Marine Fish and Seabed Using Underwater Acoustic Technology
2014 Research Grant T. Rialita , W. P. Rahayu, L. Nuraida, B. Nurtama Antibacterial Efficacy of Combined Zingiber Officinale Var. Rubrum and Alpinia Purpurata K. Schum Essential Oils in Food Model Media
2014 Research Grant Gholib, T. P Nugraha, M. Agil, I. Supriatna, B. Purwantara, A. Engelhardt Analytical and Biological Validations of Faecal Glucocorticoid Measurement as Indicator Stress in Crested Macaques (Macaca Nigra)
2014 Research Grant A. E. Z. Hasan, A. Setiyono, and J.J. Silip Antiproliferation Activities of Indonesian Java Chili, Piper Retrofractum Vahl., Against Breast Cancer Cells (Mcf-7)
2014 Research Grant N. Armen, U. B. Priyo Improving Reproduction Performnce, Egg and Larvae Quality by Combination of Dietary Spirulina Supplementation and Oodev to Catfish (Clarias Sp.) Broodstock
2014 Research Grant K. Tarman, Y. Oktavia, C.C. S. Apurillo, T. E. E. D. Cruz Isolation and Antibacterial Screening of Fungal Endophytes from the Philippine and Indonesian Mangroves
2014 Research Grant Y. Yusnizar, H. Maheshwari Dgat1 Gene Variation in Dairy and Swamp Buffaloes from Indonesia
2014 Research Grant Wirdateti, G. Semiadi Genetic Variation and Identification on Pangolin (Manis Javanica) Confiscated Using Control Region Mitochondrial DNA
2013 Research Grant F. Nurfatriani, D. Darusman, D. R. Nurrochmat, A. E. Yustika, Z. Muttaqin Why Local Government Fail to Conserve Forest Resources?: A Gap Analysis of Fiscal Policy in Forestry Sector
2013 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, I. Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Fungal Infection and Aflatoxin Contamination in Stored Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) at Various Stages of the Delivery Chain in North Sulawesi Province
2013 Research Grant C. Wulandari, S. B. Yuwono, P. Budiono, S. Herwanti Feasibility of Payment Watershed Services Development in Register 19 Forest Area,Lampung Province
2013 Research Grant R. Safe'i, Supriyanto, Hardjanto, L. Sundawati The Assessment of Health Status of Paraserianthes falcataria Community Forest in Monoculture Planting System at Lampung Province Using Fhm Technique
2013 Research Grant A. H. Iswanto, F. Febrianto, Y. S. Hadi, S. Ruhendi, D. Hermawan Characterization of Jatropha Fruit Hulls as Particle Board Material
2013 Research Grant D. Buchori, A. Rizali, G. A. Rahayu, A. Sari, H.Tabadepu, I. Mansur Utilization of Insects as Bioindicator of Reclamation Success in Berau, East Kalimantan
2013 Research Grant M. Yuhana, Widanarni Screening and Viability Monitoring the Heterotrophic Microbes for Application in Bioflocs-Based Superintensive Fish Farming System
2013 Research Grant W. Fatriasari, W. Syafii, N. Wistara, K. Syamsu, B. Prasetya, S. H. Anita, L. Risanto, R. P. B. Laksana Disruption of Betung Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) by Biological-Microwave Pretreatment
2013 Research Grant M. M. Novianti, D. Dewantara, R. Rosita*, H. Affandi Screening of Essential Oil Amended Coatings to Minimize Damage on Mango for Export Commodity Due to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Lasiodiplodia theobromae Attacks
2012 Research Grant H. J. D. Waas, V. Siregar Study of Coastal Upwelling in North of Papua Waters (West Pacific)) During El Nino Years Events Using Multi Sensors Satellite
2012 Research Grant T. Muhandri, Subarna, B. Nurtama Optimization Of Dried Sorghum Noodle Processing
2012 Research Grant D. Buchori, A. Rizali Utilization of Insects As Bioindicator of Reclamation Success in Berau, East Kalimantan
2012 Research Grant D. J. Sudrajat, I. Z. Siregar, N. Khumaida, U. J. Siregar, I. Mansur Population Genetics and Provenance Trial of Anthocephalus cadamba Miq
2012 Research Grant I.S. Harahap, Sunjaya, S.Widayanti Resistance Of Five Sorghum Varieties Against Rhyzopertha Dominica Fabricius and Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch.
2012 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S.Ambarwati, I.Retnowati, N. Nurfadila Grain Quality of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor (L) Moench) as Affected by Three Different Types of Packaging Materials
2012 Research Grant H. Affandi Screening and Isolation Isolation of Bioactive Compounds to control Hypertension
2012 Research Grant E. Sulistiani, D. T. Soelistyowati, S. A. Yani, H.Affandi Aklimatisasi dan Uji coba Budidaya Bibit Rumput Laut Kotoni (Kappaphycus alvarezii Doty) Hasil Kultur Jaringan di Perairan Pantai
2011 Research Grant E. Sulistiani Callus induction and Thallus Regeneration of Cottonii Seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii Doty)
2011 Research Grant A. E. Z. Hasan Antioxidant, Induction Apoptosis and Anticancer Activities of Trigona spp Propolis and Nanopropolis from Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia
2011 Research Grant Supriyanto Biocharcoal and Boron Application for Increased Sweet Sorghum Production for Food, Feed, and Energy
2011 Research Grant Hartrisari Net Primary Production (NPP) Spatial Distribution and Dynamic Simulation of C based Valuation Model for Kalimantan Island, Indonesia
2011 Research Grant U. J. Siregar Development of Molecullar Marker and Identification of Inducible Gaharu Genes
2011 Research Grant S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo, J. Master, S. Tjitrosoedirdjo The Invasion of Merremia Peltata and Its Ecological Impact in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Southern Part of Sumatera Indonesia
2011 Research Grant D. Arifiani Phylogenetic Relationships of Endiandra (Lauraceae) Inferred from ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) Sequences
2011 Research Grant A. Susilowati Vegetative Propagation, Genetic Analysis and Wood Anatomy of Leaked Resin Pinus Candidates to Produce Better Quality and Quantity of Resin
2010 Research Grant Yanti, D. E. Waturangi, Yogiara, H. Affandi Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Andaliman Extract (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium dc.) In Vitro
2010 Research Grant U. J. Siregar, A. S. Wulandari Pengembangan Marka Molekuler Untuk Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) Yang Tahan Hama Boktor dan Penyakit Karat Puru
2010 Research Grant E. Sulistiani, D.T. Soelistyowati, Alimuddin, S. A. Yani Induksi Kalus Rumput Laut Kotoni (Kappaphycus alvarezii (Doty) Doty) yang Berasal dari Kepulauan Natuna, Propinsi Kepulauan Riau.
2010 Research Grant I. Yasir, M. A, Amran Transplantasi Lamun Enhalus acoroides Sebagai Upaya Perbaikan Daerah Padang Lamun di Perairan Pulau Barranglompo
2010 Research Grant S. W. Budi, N. L. May Pengembangan Produksi Inokulum Fungi Endomikoriza dengan Menggunakan Mikoriza Helper Bacteria Untuk meningkatkan kualitas Inokulum
2010 Research Grant I. Hidayat, A. Hastuty Pengembangan Deteksi Cepat Penyakit Lapisan Daun Hitam pada Tanaman Pisang di Indonesia Secara Molekuler Berbasis Metoda PCR
2010 Research Grant S. Sulandari, M.S.A.Zein Keragaman genetik populasi gajah Sumatera (Elephas maximus sumatranus) dengan menggunakan DNA mitokondria
2010 Research Grant R. I. Astuti, I. Mahagiani Kolonisasi Perakaran Kedelai oleh Agen Biokontrol Pseudomonas Sp. CRB-34 yang Divisualisasikan dengan Menggunakan GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein)
2010 Research Grant T. C. Sunarti, A. Meryandini, N.Richana Effect of Microwave Treatment to the Enzyme Susceptibilities in Saccharification of Sago Pith
2009 Research Grant B. S. Purwoko, I. S. Dewi, E. Sulistiani Konservasi Jangka Menengah dan Perbanyakan Secara In Vitro Plasma Nutfah Pomelo (Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr.)
2009 Research Grant A. S. Wulandari, I. Z. Siregar, J. Situmorang Strategi Pemuliaan Tanaman Gaharu Berdasarkan Analisis Keragaman Genetik Dengan Menggunakan Penanda Molekular
2009 Research Grant L. Sukmarini, E. Yetti Produksi Dan Karakterisasi Enzim Rekombinan Xylanase Dari Strain Lokal, Termofilik Geobacillus Stearothermophilus
2009 Research Grant R. I . Astuti Penurunan Kejadian Penyakit pada Tanaman yang Disebabkan oleh Fungi Patogen Tular Tanah oleh Aplikasi Sel Mutan Pseudomonas Penghasil Siderofor
2009 Research Grant M. A. Amran Estimasi Tutupan Padang Lamun Melalui Depth Invariant Index Pada Citra Quickbird
2009 Research Grant Yves Laumonier, Yumiko Uryu, Michael , Arif Budiman, Budi Setiabudi and Oki Hadian Eco-floristic sectors and deforestation threats in Sumatra: identifying new conservation area network priorities for ecosystem-based land use planning
2009 Research Grant O. S. Dharmaputra, S. Ambarwati, I. Retnowati Kajian Paparan Asupan Aflatoksin B1 dari Produk Olahan Kacang Tanah di Kotamadya Bogor
2009 Research Grant H. Hermansyah Model Kinetika Berbasis Mekanisme Ping Pong Bi Bi Untuk Interesterifikasi Trigliserida Menjadi Biodiesel Secara Enzimatis
2009 Research Grant R. Raffiudin, I. M. Samudra Keragaman Gen 16s Ribosom DNA Mitokondria Pada Hama Penggerek Batang Padi
2009 Research Grant T. L. Yusuf, I. Arifiantini Pengembangan Modifikasi Pengencer Soya Lesitin Untuk Preservasi Semen Sapi
2009 Research Grant N. S. Ariyanti, Sulistijorini, Komunitas Lumut Arboreal dan Terestrial di Bawah Kanopi Hutan Pada Ketinggian Tempat Berbeda di Gunung Halimun, Jawa Barat
2009 Research Grant S. Wiyono, Widodo Formulasi Tepung Khamir Antagonis Cryptococcus albidus dan Cryptococcus terreus Sebagai Biofungisida
2009 Research Grant A. D. Nusantara Menguji efektivitas metode penyiapan bibit dan inokulan mikoriza untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan bibit jati (Tectona grandis Linn. F) dan aktivitas biologi tanah
2008 Research Grant D. Perwitasari, Farajallah Perbedaan dua spesies Orangutan (Pongo sp.): Protokol cepat untuk pusat rehabilitasi dan kebun binatang
2008 Research Grant D. A. Santosa Ganggang Mikro Asal Indonesia Sebagai Bahan Baku Biofuel
2008 Research Grant A. Pancoro Isolasi dan Karakterisasi Gen Pengkode Sucrose Synthase (Susy) dan Sucrose Phosphate Synthase (Sps) pada Tanaman Lontar (Borassus Flabellifer L.)
2008 Research Grant S. Sukimin, V.P. Siregar Struktur komunitas ikan dan suksesi ekologi terumbu karang di Kepulauan Seribu
2008 Research Grant I. Rusmana Eksplorasi dan Karakterisasi Bakteri Metanotrof Asal Sawah
2008 Research Grant T. C. Sunarti, A. Meryandini, N. Richana Bio-ethanol Production from Corncob Residue Using Mixed Culture of Cellulolytic Bacteria and Yeast
2008 Research Grant Yulnawati The Utilization of Genetic Material of the Spotted Buffalo, One of the Indonesian Biodiversity, By Using Reproductive Biotechnology Application
2008 Research Grant D. Susilaningsih Biodiesel from Indigenous Indonesian Marine Microalgae, Nanochloropsis sp.
2008 Research Grant Purkan Pengembangan ragi rekombinan (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) yang memiliki aktivitas glukoamilase untuk biokonversi pati langsung menjadi etanol
2008 Research Grant I.A. Astarini, I.M.A.S. Wijaya Potensi Spesies Brassica Sebagai Sumber Biodiesel di Indonesia
2008 Research Grant A. D. Setyawan Keanekaragaman Selaginella (Selaginellaceae) di Malesia Berdasarkan Amplified Fragment Length Polymorfism (AFLP)
2008 Research Grant M. H. Wibowo, K. Putri Pathogenicity Characteristic of Avian Influenza Virus Indonesian Isolate in Various Poultry From 2007 to 2008
2008 Research Grant S. Sukimin The application of a phosphorus loadings model estimating the carrying capacity for cage culture and its productivity of Saguling Reservoir, West Java, Indonesia
2007 Research Grant B. Juliandi Morfometrika Geometris Venasi Sayap Drosophila Melanogaster : Pemantauan Populasi Dipetra untuk manajemen Hama dan Ekologi Polinasi Jatropha curcas
2007 Research Grant Elfahmi Studi Fitokimia dan Inisiasi Kultur Sel dan Jaringan dalam rangka Mendapatkan Tanaman Jathropa curcas yang Aman sebagai Sumber Biofuel
2007 Research Grant N. Toruan-Matius, J. Situmorang, D. Rachmawati, Anidah In Vivo and in Vitro Micrografting Aquilaria malacensis Lamk : Studi Perbandingan.
2007 Research Grant H. Affandi Waste bark utilization for community development
2007 Research Grant A.P. Bayuseno Pengembangan dan Pembuatan Model Teknologi Anaerobic Digester untuk Pengolahan Sampah Organik.
2007 Research Grant C. Ginting, T. Maryono Inventarisasi Penyakit pada Tanaman Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas L) di Propinsi Lampung.
2007 Research Grant B. Juliandi Morfometrika Geometris Venasi Sayap Drosophila melanogaster: Pemantauan Populasi Diptera untuk Manajeman Hama dan Ekologi Polinasi Jatropha curcas
2007 Research Grant Y. Rusiyantono Upaya konsevasi Keanekaragaman hayati Burung Maleo (Macrocephalon maleo Sal. Muller 1846) melalui modifikasi penetasan Telur dan Pemeliharaan Ex Situ
2007 Research Grant T. Atmowidi, P. Riyanti, A. Sutrisna Efektifitas Dua Spesies Lebah (Apis cerana Fabricus dan Apis mellifera Linnaeus) dalam Penyerbukan Tanaman Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas L.: Euphorbiaceae)
2007 Research Grant A.P Bayuseno, B.F. Sulistyo Pengembangan dan Pembuatan Model Teknologi Anaerobic Digester untuk Pengolahan Sampah Organik.
2007 Research Grant S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo, S. Tjitrosemito, I. Mawardi, Setiabudi, N. Suminah, Pudjantoro Pengembangan Database Tumbuhan Asing invasive di Indonesia (Fase II)
2007 Research Grant R. Raffiudin, A. Farajallah, B. Purwantara Deteksi Cepat Africanized Honey Bee secara molekuler : Sebagai metode yang diusulkan di Badan Karantina Hewan Indonesia
2006 Research Grant N. Toruan-Matius Database and the Diversity Aquailaria spp., Gyrinops spp. And fungi associate with agarwood on Indonesia
2006 Research Grant N. Sukarno Transformation of green fluorescent protein (Gfp) gene on Endophytic Fungi, Aspergillus sp.
2006 Research Grant Miftahudin, T. Chikmawati Identifikasi Marka Molekular untuk Karakter Toleransi Aluminum Pada Padi Gogo
2006 Research Grant V.P. Siregar Spatial database development for sustainable management of the coral reef at Thousand Island, Jakarta
2006 Research Grant B. Purwantara, R. Hoier, M. Schmidt, T. Greve Preovulatory changes and evulation in cattle undergoing spontaneous or cloprostenol-induced luteolysis
2006 Research Grant A. Meryandini Producing xylo-oligosaccharide from corncob xylan using xylanase from Indonesian Streptomyces isolates
2006 Research Grant V.P. Siregar Kajian Stok Ikan Karang Menggunakan Citra Satelit Resolusi Tinggi: Sebuah Studi Awal
2006 Research Grant A. Meryandini, T. C. Sunarti Produksi Xilo-oligosakarida dari xilan tongkol jagung menggunakan isolate Streptomyces spp. Asal Indonesia
2006 Research Grant Supriyanto Establishment of Database on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Java Island, Indonesia
2006 Research Grant Supriyanto Establishment of Database on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Java Island, Indonesia
2006 Research Grant R. Sari Evaluating genetic relationships in Indonesian mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) using AFLP profiling
2005 Research Grant N. Toruan-Matius methylation sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP) Markers : Analysis abnormalities of (Elaeis guinensis Jacq) clones
2005 Research Grant N. Sukarno, U. Widiyastuti Transformation of GFP gene on endophytic fungi, Aspergillus sp.
2005 Research Grant H. Affandi, A. Nuryadin Studies On Natural Products of Albizia sp.
2005 Research Grant T. June The light gradients inside soybean leaves and their effect on the curvature factor of the linght response curves of photosynthesis
2005 Research Grant I. Handoko and Y. Kusmaryono Kesesuaian Iklim sebagai Faktor Penentu Tingkat Produktivitas Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit : Pendekatan dengan Model Simulasi Tanaman
2005 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito Inventory of the invasive alien plant species in Indonesia
2005 Research Grant Supriyanto, U.S. Irawan Effect of mancozeb 80% concertrations on the growth of Cenococcum geophilum Fr. under In vitro condition
2002 Research Grant S. S. P. Bulaong, O. S. Dharmaputra Fungal population, aflatoxin and free fatty acid contents of peanuts packed in different bag types
2002 Research Grant Y. Hala, A. Suwanto, R. Affandi, M. Zairin Adherence and pathogenicity assay of Vibrio harveyi in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) larvae for screening biocontrol agent
2001 Research Grant Kasno, Putri, S.Widayanti, Sunjaya Establishment of Neochetina spp.: Their pattern of local dispersal and age structure at the release site
2001 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, S. Ambarwati, A.S.R. Putri Soil mycobiota of peanut fields in Wonogiri regency, Central Java: Their effect on the growth and aflatoxin production of Aspergillus flavus in vitro
2000 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, Sunjaya, M. Amad, C. Ismayadi The occurrence of insects, fungi and organoleptic characteristics in stored beans at Lampung
2000 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, Sunjaya, S. Ambarwati Stored cocoa beans quality affected by fermentation and Ephestia cautella Walker (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) infestation
1999 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, Sunjaya, M. Amad, Wahyudi The occurrence of insects and moulds in stored cocoa beans at South Sulawesi
1999 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito The establishment of Procecidochares connexa in West Java, Indonesia: A biological control agent of Chromolaena odorata
1999 Research Grant H. Affandi Screening for natural products of Shorea spp. and Anisoptera spp.
1999 Research Grant Kasno, Sunjaya, O.S. Dharmaputra, O.S., H.S. Handayani Integrated use of Neochetina bruchi and Alternaria eichhorniae in controlling water hyacinth
1999 Research Grant Supriyanto The effectiveness of some ectomycorrhizal fungi in alginate beads in promoting the growth of several dipterocarp seedlings
1999 Research Grant Kasno, Sunjaya, A.S.R. Putri, O.S. Dharmaputra, H.S. Handayani Integrated use of Neochetina bruchi and Alternaria eichhorniae in controlling water hyacinth
1998 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito Integrated management of Chromolaeana odorata emphasizing the classical biological control
1998 Research Grant H. Affandi Studies on natural products of Albizia sp.
1997 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, H.K. Purwadaria, H.Susilo The effects of drying and shelling on Aspergillus flavus infection and aflatoxin production of maize
1997 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra The effects of milling degree and type of bag on fungal infection and some chemical contents of stored milled rice
1996 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati Fungi isolated from groundnuts in some locations of West Java
1994 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati The possibility of controlling Sclerotium rolfsii on soybean Glycine max using Trichoderma and Tebucanazole
1993 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito, S. Matsunaka, M. Nakata The adsorption of imazapyr by three soil types in Indonesia
1992 Research Grant V. Kiatsoonthorn, S. Tjitrosemito Effect of light qualities and storage periods on the germination of Pennisetum polystachion seeds
1992 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito, A. Purwanto The performance of upland rice established on alang-alang dominated area after various techniques of alang-alang control
1991 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito A study on weed control in soybean
1990 Research Grant O.S. Dharmaputra, H.S.S.Tjitrosomo, A.L. Abadi Antagonistic effect of four fungal isolates to Ganoderma boninense, the causal agent of basal stem rot of oil palm
1990 Research Grant Kasno, S. Tjitrosemito, Sunjaya The role of Haltica sp. (Coleoptera: Halticidae) as biological control agent of Polygonum chinense
1989 Research Grant S. S. Tjitrosoedirdjo The distribution and potential problems of Mimosa pigra L. in Indonesia
1988 Research Grant S. Tjitrosemito, D. Suwinarno The performance of soybean (c.v. Americana) established by zero tillage technique in Imperata field controlled by herbicides

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