SEAMEO BIOTROP Staff, Retirees, and Guests Gather for Halal Bihalal 1445H Thursday, 25 April 2024 on 1:31pm

SEAMEO BIOTROP Staff, Retirees, and Guests Gather for Halal Bihalal 1445H

Gathered on 24 April 2024, in the Convention Hall of SEAMEO BIOTROP, the event welcomed 285 participants, comprising staff, MSIB students, retirees, and guests from SEAMEO Centers Indonesia and Dikti. The atmosphere was set with the recitation of the holy Quran by Ust Zaenudin, followed by a soulful recitation by Putri Dina Rahayu.

In his opening remarks, SEAMEO BIOTROP's Director, Dr. Zulhamsyah Imran, emphasized the event's importance, stating, "Our purpose today extends beyond mere festivity; it is about building synergy and boosting our spirits towards BIOTROP's mission of environmental preservation in the tropical region." Reflecting on Ramadan's essence, he urged attendees to maintain gratitude and piety beyond the month, highlighting, "Maintaining bonds of goodwill and seeking forgiveness are integral to our practice as Muslims."

The Director concluded with a humble plea, expressing, "I extend sincere apologies for any shortcomings we may have encountered. May this gathering inspire us to redouble our efforts in line with the divine will." Following the opening remarks, a video was presented, launching SEAMEO BIOTROP's four new main projects for 2024 under the School of Biodiversity umbrella program, namely: Agro-Eco-Edu Tourism, Advance Tropical Biodiversity Education, Optimization of Facilities and Assets, and BIOTROP Academic Leaders Program.

The main event featured a motivational speech by Ir. Jamil Azzaini, MM, titled "Working as if Pursuing a Hobby." He emphasized the importance of finding strong reasons to work, such as rational reasons, emotional benefits, and spiritual significance. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of having a growth mindset and grit to achieve long-term goals.

The event concluded with participants exchanging greetings and enjoying the refreshments served. (hcn, pdr)

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