Increasing Cocoa Production through Gender Diversification in Community Cocoa System Tuesday, 15 March 2022 on 5:36pm

Increasing Cocoa Production through Gender Diversification in Community Cocoa System

In highlighting gender diversification within community cocoa system, SEAMEO BIOTROP collaboratively organized a virtual International Workshop with a theme "Smallholder Cocoa System in Lampung" with Bangor University, the Barry Callebout Company, IPB University and Universitas Lampung on 15 March 2022. The workshop was aimed to develop collaboration among stakeholders for elevating the welfare of cocoa farmers community, strengthening the roles of female cocoa farmers and supporting the commitment for saving biodiversity worldwide.

The international workshop is among dissemination means of the Darwin Initiative Project, which supports developing countries in sustainably manage biodiversity and alleviate poverty. A prioritized focus of the Darwin Initiative Project is the smallscale cocoa farmers emphasizing in female farmers.

In his opening remarks, the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria shared his enthusiasm toward the Darwin Initiative Project for sustainably elevating the export volume of cocoa through productive collaboration among stakehokders, practicng proper and sustainable agriculture system, building the capacity of cocoa female farmers and saving biodiversity. The Head of Technology and Environment of Bangor University, Prof Morag McDonald, also shared similar expectations.

Parallel with the statements' of the Rector of IPB, the Director SEAMEO BIOTROP, Dr Zulhamsyah Imran emphasized the importance of elevating the capabilities of cocoa female farmers in processing cocoa from cocoa harvesting up to producing export quality cocoa derivative products.

Topics and resource person in this workshop were Introduction to the Darwin Initiative Project by Dr Tim Pagella (Bangor University), Worldwide Cacao Supply and Demand by Dr Martin Gilmour (the Global Head Agronomy of the Barry Callebaut Company), Effects of Fungi and Aflatoxins on Cocoa Beans Quality by Ms. Nijma Nurfadila, MSi (SEAMEO BIOTROP), the Development of Superior Quality Cocoa in Indonesia by Mr.  Hendratmojo Bagus Hudoro, MSc (the Director of Annual Crops and Spices, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia) and Cocoa Downstream Industry and Export Policies in Indonesia by Mr. Edy Sutopo (Director of Beverage, Tobacco Products and Refreshments Industry).

Around 80 participants from various institutions actively participated in this workshop. The interested participants came from universities,  research institutions, government agencies and general public. (sis, day).

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