SEAMEO BIOTROP Welcomes Delegates from Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia and ASEAN Biodiversity Centre Monday, 11 December 2023 on 2:11pm

SEAMEO BIOTROP Welcomes Delegates from Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia and ASEAN Biodiversity Centre

Bolster environmental education and conservation efforts in Southeast Asia, SEAMEO BIOTROP hosted 6 delegation from Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia (LATIN) and the ASEAN Biodiversity Centre on December 8, 2023. The meeting was held in the Jati Room on 8 December 2023. The delegates were welcomed by SEAMEO BIOTROP's Director, Deputy Director, and key managers.

Mr. Thomas Variasa of LATIN and Ms. Corazon A. De Jesus, Jr. from the ASEAN Biodiversity Centre led the discussions, focusing on the development of Learning Academies in Southeast Asia, slated to commence in 2024. These academies aim to create a transformative educational model addressing social forestry, biodiversity, and climate change, with an emphasis on sociological and cultural aspects through an intergenerational lens.

Mr Thomas presented the blueprint for their Social Forestry Academy in 2024 includes the establishment of four national learning models, five laboratory site models, an international Social Forestry Academy (SFA), and the formalization of SFA’s legality. Ambitiously, by December 2026, the initiative plans to engage 1500 youths in SFA activities, cementing five SFA partnerships with provincial entities.

The Social Forestry Academy's curriculum will encompass various innovative programs such as Sekolah Sosial Forestry, SF Global Exchange, Sesore Goes to Campus, Creative Learning (DIKSI), and a Social Forestry Learning Circle. A notable highlight is the Social Forestry Exchange Program between Mexico and Indonesia, fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Ms. Corazon from ACB outlined the implementation of three key objectives: aligning with the Convention of Biological Diversity, engaging ASEAN member states, and collaborating with the ASEAN Working Group on the Nature Biological Convention. The socio-cultural communities' involvement and governance by senior environmental officials are crucial for the success of these initiatives. The ASEAN Heritage Parks program stands as one of the flagship endeavors in this regard.
LATIN, established in 1989, shared its vision for a robust social forestry landscape by 2045, underpinned by a Knowledge Management System that integrates gender and youth mainstreaming with collaborative management strategies. LATIN’s approach involves a blend of offline and online learning models, adapting to the evolving educational landscape.

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