SEAMEO BIOTROP Welcomes University of Indonesia Students for Mushroom Cultivation Project Wednesday, 31 January 2024 on 10:49am

SEAMEO BIOTROP Welcomes University of Indonesia Students for Mushroom Cultivation Project

30 students from the Proteus Microorganism Study Group of the Biology Department's Student Association at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia, visited SEAMEO BIOTROP on 30th January 2024. They were warmly received by Dr. Zulhamsyah, the Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP.

During the visit, Dr. Zulhamsyah introduces SEAMEO BIOTROP and its program, especially their 2024 initiative focusing on medicinal mushrooms. This new direction is expected to contribute significantly to health and wellness sectors. Dr. Zulhamsyah encouraged the students from the University of Indonesia to actively participate and contribute to the development of medicinal mushrooms, expanding beyond the current focus on food mushrooms. He highlighted the institution's success in the previous year, where they innovatively utilized lemongrass waste instead of the traditional wood powder for mushroom cultivation.

Dr. Rhomi Ardiansyah, Head of Section at SEAMEO BIOTROP, took the opportunity to invite the students to engage in research on microorganisms and other related fields. He emphasized that students interested in pursuing research could submit proposals and work collaboratively with SEAMEO BIOTROP.

Kiara Putri Rahmawati, a 33rd batch student and the project officer, expressed her gratitude to SEAMEO BIOTROP for their support in the 2024 science project. She reflected on the previous year's project on tempeh and looked forward to this year's theme, "A Feeling Mushroom Cultivation with SEAMEO BIOTROP." She hopes that this collaboration will enhance knowledge sharing about mushrooms, leveraging the expertise developed by SEAMEO BIOTROP.

This visit marks a significant step in fostering collaboration between academic institutions and research centers, aiming to advance scientific knowledge and practical applications in the field of biology, particularly in mushroom cultivation.

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