About Research Program

SEAMEO BIOTROP’s research and development activities are aimed at enriching the existing body of knowledge on  various aspects of tropical biology across ecosystems and promoting their practical use to address present and emerging development concerns in the Southeast Asian region. Through the years, the Centre has conducted researches on the following areas: agriculture, biodiversity, biofuel, biotechnology, biosystematics, environment, forestry, fishery and other coastal resources, microorganisms, natural products, wildlife, among others.

The Centre carries out its research mandate through funding support from the Government of Indonesia, SEAMEO and partner organizations. Both in-house and collaborative researches are conducted by the Centre’s core of scientists.

SEAMEO BIOTROP boasts of its ISO accreditation that guarantees quality laboratory results, such as in soil, air, water, food, and feed analyses.

Under its 10th Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP 2017-2022), SEAMEO BIOTROP’s research and development activities shall be guided by the theme “Tropical Biology for Environmental and Societal Transformations in Southeast Asia” with special focus on three program thrusts, namely:

  1. Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems and Landscapes
  2. Sustainable Management of Intensively Used Ecosystems and Landscapes
  3. Conservation and Sustainable Use of Ecosystems and Landscapes with High Biodiversity

This section also provides a list of completed researches conducted by the Centre. Full copies of the research results can be requested from the Knowledge Management Department (KMD) of SEAMEO BIOTROP.

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