SEAMEO BIOTROP Holds Motivational Psychology Seminar Tuesday, 21 May 2024 on 11:42am

SEAMEO BIOTROP Holds Motivational Psychology Seminar

SEAMEO BIOTROP held its first MOMI CLOUDIA (Monday Mind Cloud Idea) of 2024 on Monday, May 20, 2024, with the theme "Inspiring Employees for Optimal Performance." This event aimed to boost participants' motivation and work ethic to achieve maximum productivity. The seminar took place in the Matoa Room, SEAMEO BIOTROP, with Iestri Kusumah, S.PSI., CBC, also known as Teh Is, as the speaker.

Teh Is, the founder and mentor of @psytalkindonesia, explained that the work environment and job motivation are the largest factors influencing employee performance. "A conducive work environment and high motivation play a significant role in increasing employee productivity, followed by work discipline, leadership style, work experience, and loyalty," she stated. She also emphasized the importance of identifying individual work motivation triggers.

Furthermore, Teh Is discussed the Johari Window theory, a practical technique that managers and team leaders can use to improve communication, self-awareness, and productivity in the workplace. "The Johari Window explains four areas within us: the open area, the blind area, the hidden area, and the unknown area. Understanding this can help us communicate better and understand ourselves and our coworkers," she explained.

The event also included practical sessions where 50 in-person participants were asked to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. The atmosphere was smooth and warm, filled with laughter as each participant shared their reflections.

In her opening remarks, SEAMEO BIOTROP HRAD Manager, Mrs. Tenni Wahyuni, emphasized the importance of motivation for BIOTROP staff. "Motivation is key to improving staff performance and productivity. With this seminar, we hope all participants can find ways to motivate themselves and their work teams," she stated.

Besides the in-person attendees, the general public and representatives from SEAMEO CENTRE INDONESIA (SCI) also participated virtually through SEAMEO BIOTROP's YouTube channel. This MOMI CLOUDIA series on motivational psychology is expected to provide inspiration and enthusiasm to all participants, both in-person and online.

"With increased motivation and self-awareness, we hope that optimal performance can be achieved by all participants, which in turn will also enhance productivity and work quality at SEAMEO BIOTROP," Teh Is concluded the session. (AS

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