SEAMEO BIOTROP Section Head Trains School Representatives on Nutritional Literacy through School Gardens at SEAMEO RECFON Thursday, 02 May 2024 on 2:46pm

SEAMEO BIOTROP Section Head Trains School Representatives on Nutritional Literacy through School Gardens at SEAMEO RECFON

In a bid to bolster nutritional literacy among the young generation, Risa Rosita S.Si., M.Sc., Head of the Technology & Environmental Safety (ETS) Section at SEAMEO BIOTROP, served as a resource person during the School Garden Training for Nutritional Literacy organized by SEAMEO RECFON on Tuesday, 30 April 2024. The event saw teacher representatives from Public Senior High Schools 24, 31, 47, 65, and 110 in Jakarta who gathers to partake in the initiative titled "The Effect of School-Based Nutrition Interventions in Promoting Healthy Eating Behavior among Adolescents in Indonesia".

Risa Rosita S.Si., M.Sc. emphasized the importance of equipping participants with comprehensive knowledge of gardening practices, encompassing fundamental techniques, agronomic principles, soil understanding, plant nutrition, irrigation, pest and disease management, and suitable planting seasons. Such expertise, she stressed, not only enhances gardening efficiency but also ensures safety and environmental sustainability.

The training commenced with an inaugural session held in the Lecture Room of the SEAMEO RECFON Building, attended by 22 participants from SEAMEO RECFON, SEAMEO BIOTROP, and the aforementioned high schools. Dr. Judhiastuty Februhartanty, Program Research and Development Coordinator, inaugurated the proceedings, underscoring the training's objective of enabling participants to strategize the use of school gardens for nutrition education. The curriculum delved into topics such as the significance of school gardens, their utilization for nutritional literacy, and practical gardening techniques applicable within school premises.

Following the training, participants were expected to proficiently: (1) elucidate the concept and significance of school gardens; (2) devise strategies for leveraging school gardens as platforms for nutrition education; and (3) disseminate gardening methodologies tailored for school environments.

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