SEAMEO BIOTROP Engages in Benchmarking and Study Visit of Libraries for Revitalization Project Monday, 01 April 2024 on 11:08am

SEAMEO BIOTROP Engages in Benchmarking and Study Visit of Libraries for Revitalization Project

SEAMEO BIOTROP, represented by a team comprising Haritz Cahya Nugraha, Woro Kanti, Lidia Defita, Zulkarnaen Noor Syarif, and Herni Widhiastuti, recently conducted a benchmarking and study visit of libraries on March 26 and 27, 2024. The purpose of the visit is to gather insights and design inspirations crucial for SEAMEO BIOTROP's library revitalization project.

The itinerary including visits to national library of Indonesia headquarter in Salemba as well as its public library building in Medan Merdeka. The team also visit the library of Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia.

During their visit to national library, the delegations were welcomed by Mr. Suharyanto, Head of the Bibliography Center and Library Material Processing. Discussions revolved around various topics, including plans for collection revitalization and digitalization, utilization of Perpusnas services for preservation and digitalization, as well as the possibility of establishing a dedicated corner for Perpusnas within SEAMEO BIOTROP's library.

Furthermore, the delegations also seeks guidance regarding ISBN management, with a focus on recent regulations and requirements outlined by Perpusnas. Challenges and best practices related to ISBN processing were thoroughly discussed, offering valuable guidance for future publications by SEAMEO BIOTROP.

On March 27, the delegation continued their journey with a visit to the library of Kemdikbudristekdikti, where they were received by Mr. Chaidir Amir, Head of the Library. Discussions centered around innovative library services, emphasizing the shift towards digital outreach and the importance of creating inclusive spaces within libraries. Insights were shared regarding the utilization of SLIMS application for library digitalization, establishment of repositories, and the integration of creative commons licenses for enhanced visibility of SEAMEO BIOTROP publications.

The delegations also took the chance to have a tour around the library of MoECRT, and did some discussions regarding practical considerations for library design and amenities, including the importance of ergonomic seating, designated spaces for children and nursing mothers, and the incorporation of multimedia facilities for enhanced user experience.

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