BIOTROP, Kampung IPB Move towards Community Development Tuesday, 24 September 2019 on 3:16pm

BIOTROP, Kampung IPB Move towards Community Development

“It is important to convey the right knowledge to the right target using the right medium so that the knowledge can be implemented into community empowerment”, said Dr Irdika Mansur, Director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, in welcoming the Kampung IPB foundation who visited SEAMEO BIOTROP on 24 September 2019. On this occasion, BIOTROP and Kampung IPB also signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will be effective for five years.

The term ‘Kampung IPB’ is an abbreviation of Kampung Insan Prima Berdikari, founded by Dr Ir Biakman Irbansyah, MBA, who led the visit of Kampung IPB to BIOTROP. Kampung IPB was established in February 2015, as a commitment among 13 alumni of class 20 of IPB University. Nowadays, the foundation is joined by alumni from many universities in Indonesia.

Initially, Kampung IPB is committed to empowering young people from underdeveloped region in Cikeusik Village, Pandeglang, Banten Province. At present, Kampung IPB initiates the concept of business incubator for empowering young people from underdeveloped regions as well as graduates of vocational schools in Indonesia, by implementing Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Farming (SAIF) and entrepreneurship program.

The young people are invited to join this Kampung IPB program and are given knowledge on sustainable agriculture and integrated farming along with economic strategies to generate a profitable income.  These young people are provided with initial financial support when starting the program. The initial financial support comes from angel investors who are the members of Kampung IPB. Along with profitable progress achieved by these young people, financial support is gradually decreased up to zero financial support. These young people are then offered a 30% share of ownership when they show initial profit.  The share is increased up to 51% when they finally can independently run the agribusiness themselves.

In embracing this excellent concept of Kampung IPB, SEAMEO BIOTROP is ready to provide learning materials and knowledge in the scope of tropical biology, especially in integrated waste management, Biotri honey, agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, storage pest management and entomology. The support from the Centre also includes the materials to be jointly published with Kampung IPB. (sis/zsp)

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