Why should you visit SEAMEO BIOTROP?

  • To know research results that can be applied in the community.
  • To seek collaborations with SEAMEO BIOTROP on technology transfer, products and services provision and human resources development.
  • To see how SEAMEO BIOTROP manages tropical biology resources to produce its real values.
  • For teachers and students, to enrich literatures and educational materials to be taught at their respective schools.
  • For community, to have references on agribusiness.
  • To consult the experts on tropical biology.
What are the areas of interest at SEAMEO BIOTROP?
  • Urban agriculture practices using hydroponic and aquaponic techniques.
  • Plant cultivation using tissue culture techniques in Tissue Culture Laboratory.
  • Management of natural products in Natural Products Laboratory (essential oils and natural perfumes).
  • Compost Production.
  • Identification of insects and stingless honey bee products in Entomology Laboratory.
  • Cultivation of freshwater fish and lobster in aquatic laboratory.
  • Activities in the testing laboratories for air, water, soil, food and feed, GIS and remote sensing, and phytophatology.
  • Complete collections of Indonesian invasive alien plant species in SEAMEO BIOTROP's herbarium (BIOT).
  • Library

How long is the duration for visiting SEAMEO BIOTROP?
Maximum duration per visit session is two hours. The areas of interest to be visited are defined according to the agreement between the visitors and SEAMEO BIOTROP's Visitor Coordinator.

What time do visitors visit SEAMEO BIOTROP?
Tuesday - Thursday at 09.30 - 11.30 AM or 01.30 - 03.30 PM , Friday at 09.00 - 11.00 AM.

Who may visit SEAMEO BIOTROP?
Everyone may visit SEAMEO BIOTROP: schools' students and teachers, retirees, staff of government and private institutions, as well as staff of national and international institutions.

How much is the cost to visit SEAMEO BIOTROP?
Visiting SEAMEO BIOTROP is free of charge. However, visitors may be charged for material costs, if there is any practical session during the visit.

What is the procedure to visit SEAMEO BIOTROP?
Please submit a visiting request letter to:
Jalan Raya Tajur Km. 6, Bogor 16134, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Fax:  +62-251-8326851
Email: gau@biotrop.org

Please kindly indicate in the letter the following:

  • Objectives/areas of interest
  • Visit date and time
  • Number of participants
  • Name and phone number of the contact person

The maximum number of visitors is 120 persons per visit session per day. The visiting request letter may be sent by email or facsimile two weeks before the visit date, at the latest. SEAMEO BIOTROP will contact the applicant, at the latest, three days after receiving the visiting request letter.

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