Research Laboratories

SEAMEO BIOTROP manages 11 Research Laboratories, as follows: 

  1. SEAMEO BIOTROP Herbarium (BIOT) focuses on exploration, identification and information updates on weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS) existence. Herbarium conducts research on botany, ecology, as well as weeds and IAPS management, in collabaration with the Weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS) Laboratory.
  2. Phytopathology Laboratory conducts research on preventing and controlling post-harvest fungi and mycotoxins contamination in food and feed, improving post-harvest quality of food and feed, as well as yeast starter formulation in coffee fermentation.
  3. Natural Products Laboratory  has produced several important essential oils to be used as ingredients of natural perfume, aromateraphy and spa sauna. This laboratory also supports SEAMEO BIOTROP SMARTS-BE program in exploring and evaluating the development of tropical fruits in Indonesia.
  4. Entomology Laboratory  studies insect pests manangement and control, especially storage insect pests, proper fumigation technique, exploration and development of fumigant formulation using essential oils, as well as cultivation of beneficial and unique insects, such as stingless bees and twig grasshoppers.
  5. Biotechnology Laboratory conducts research on genomic application, transcryptomic methods for obtaining superior and disease resistant plants, DNA barcode from various plants, animals, fungi and bacteria.
  6. Remote Sensing and Ecology Laboratory pertains to the development of  applied geospatial technologies in tropical biology.
  7. Aquatic Laboratory carries out research on the cultivation of aquatic fauna, such as ornamental fish and freshwater fishes, such as crayfish (freshwater lobster).
  8. Laboratory of field and greenhouse provides hydroponics technology for producing vegetables and fruits through the seeding, nutrition control, pH and TDS measurement, pests control, harvest, and installation maintenance.
  9. Biosystem Landscape and Management Laboratory conducts research and development on marginal land management and restoration, fungicide efficacy tests, as well as development of mycorrhiza inoculum and potential soil bacteria for reviving soil fertility.  
  10. Weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS) Laboratory carries out studies on weeds and invasive alien plant species (IAPS) including plant taxonomy, ecophysiology, ecology, ecosystem management as well as eficacy tests and herbicide compounds characteristics.
  11. Tissue Culture Laboratory conducts research on micropropagation of plants and produce seedlings of plants, especially those having high economic value.

Services Laboratory of SEAMEO BIOTROP provides services and consultation for institutions and community. Services are based on SEAMEO BIOTROP's Program Thrusts. The services include laboratory analysis and tissue culture technology, while consultation includes tropical ecosystem and environmental impact, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, forest biotechnology and environment, natural resources management, GIS and Remote Sensing. The Services Laboratory conducts analysis on plant, soil, food, air and water upon request of the clients, and produces plant seedlings resulted from tissue culture technology.

SEAMEO BIOTROP Service Lab Website

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