Thursday, 07 February 2019 on 8:09am

BIOTROP Celebrates Its 51st Anniversary

SEAMEO BIOTROP celebrated its 51st anniversary on 6 February 2019 at its head quarter. This event was intended to deliver gratitude of all the achievements that have been obtained by the Centre.

In opening the celebration, BIOTROP’s Director Dr Irdika Mansur conveyed his gratitude for the opportunity that enables the Centre to give contribution to the community in Indonesia and Southeast Asia region. He also stated that the Centre has had a good system which can make the Centre to continue to maintain its products and services along with the trust from the government. The Director was also informed that the Centre will have a series of activities, including seminars on mine reclamation and tree planting, during February 2019 to celebrate its 51st anniversary.

During the celebration, Dr Irdika also took the opportunity to express gratitude and deep appreciation to Dr Jess Fernandez, BIOTROP’s former Deputy Director for Program, for his excellence services and dedication to the achievements of SEAMEO BIOTROP during his term.

Dr Jess Fernandez also presented his remarks during the event. “BIOTROP is very challenging because my basic is actually social science. There were also many government regulations and policies that I had to deal with. Fortunately, I was surrounded by great people who always accompanied me in adapting myself to all of these. I thank Directors of BIOTROP for your trust in me to implement the programs during my time here. I also deliver my thank to all the staff for such great cooperation. I really learnt a lot here at BIOTROP. May BIOTROP be more victorious and advanced. Happy 51st anniversary, BIOTROP!”

The celebration also recognized Dr Jess Fernandez and Ms. Rima Febriana, the BIOTROP’s Knowledge Management Department (KMD) Manager, for their initiative in creating two BIOTROP songs titled ‘All through the Years’ and ‘Golden Age of SEAMEO BIOTROP’. The songs describe the activities and golden anniversary celebration of the Centre as motivation to keep moving forward for better community and environmental welfare.

The Centre also welcomed eight new staff who have been working for BIOTROP since January 2019. They are Mr. M. Wahyu Dewanto, S.Hut, at Product Development and Services Department (PDSD), Mr. Endin Sukardi at Facilities Management Department (FMD), Ms. Elvina Rahayu, SE, at Finance and Accounting Department (FAD), Ms. Puput Nisausholiha, S.Pi, at General Administration and Public Relation Department (GAPRD), as well as Dr Aslan, Mr. Irawan, Ms. Trijanti A. Widinni Asnan, M.Si, and Ms. Eriza Falashifa, S.Hut, at Research Department (ReD).

The Centre will keep commemorating its anniversary every year by conducting similar event as this year. This event enabled staff to improve their creativity, and at the same time it was hoped that the relationship among staff and the spirit in working for the development and the improvement of the Centre quality will be better and stronger.
Happy 51st Anniversary, SEAMEO BIOTROP!

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