Book Review
Mycorrhizal Fungi: Use in Sustainable Agriculture and Land Restoration
by : Zakaria Solaiman Lynette K. Abbott Ajit Varma

Update: 14 Feb 2017
Published: since 1 Mar 2008

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BIOTROP inks MoU with 3 partner institutions - 80 time(s) visited

Posted: Wed, 08 Feb 2017 09:23

BIOTROP expanded its partnership network at the start of 2017 by signing memoranda of understanding with two private universities and one service company in Indonesia. These institutions are Universitas Musi Rawas (UMR), Universitas Bina Nusantara (BINUS) and PT Jambi Lestari Internasional.    

The MoU with PT Jambi Lestari Internasional was signed on 5 January 2017..... Read more...

SEAMEO BIOTROP's Accomplishment Report FY 2015/2016

Research Highlight

Morphogenetic Diversity, Propagation and Suitability of Kemenyan for Degradated Land Restoration in North Sumatera

by : Dr. Arida Susilowati, S.Hut, M.Si, Dr.Supriyanto, Henti Hendalastuti, S.Hut,M.Si. PhD, Dr.Apri Heriswanto,S.Hut. M.Si, Irawati Azhar, S.Hut.M.Si, Riswan, S.Hut.M.Si
Years of research implementation : 2017

Abstract. Kemenyan is the most famous local tree species from North Sumatera. Kemenyan known as rosin producer that is very valuable for their use in pharmacheutical, cosmetic, food preservatives and vernis.Based on its history, there were only two species of kemenyan those were kemenyan durame and toba, but in its natural distribution we also found others that alleged the different species with previous grouping. The objectives of this research were: (1). To get information about morp.... Read more...

Call for Journal Papers
SEAMEO BIOTROP invites submission of scientific manuscript on tropical biology and related subjects to be published in its bi-annual journal called BIOTROPIA. Only manuscripts that have passed the external peer review shall be published.
BIOTROPIA is a Scopus-indexed journal since 2012.

Read guide for authors here...(update Jan, 2017)

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