BIODIVERS Vol. 2 No. 1, 2023, Agro-Eco-Edu-Tourism in Managing Tropical Biodiversity



SEAMEO BIOTROP, as a regional centre for tropical biology, has mandate to conduct the educational development and regional collaboration to support the program from General Directorate of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia. As a regional centre, SEAMEO BIOTROP is expected to take an important role in promoting the real value of tropical biology and become a reputable center for sustainable biodiversity management in Southeast Asia. With the tagline “SAVE BIODIVERSITY”, SEAMEO BIOTROP establish an AEET program in promoting Biodiversity Conservation.

SEAMEO BIOTROP has developed five (5) AEET prototypes, such as Aquatic Garden, Stingless Bee Garden, Sensory and Therapeutic Garden, Smart-Agriculture Hydroponic, and BIOTROP Science and Technology Expo. These prototypes are expected to be a model for biodiversity conservation education through tourism in Southeast Asia.

"Agro-Eco-Edu Tourism program promotes the agricultural products, environmental conservation, and learning packages to increase community’s skills and well-being"

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