75 Important Invasive Alien Plant Species in Indonesia

Sri Sudarmiyati Tjitrosoedirjo, Imam Mawardi, Soekisman Tjitrosoedirdjo, 2016


This book has been produced in response to a need informing the public for about Invasive Alien Plant Species (IAPS). Seventy five species were selected as the first effort to raise the knowledge on invasive plant species. This book was inspired by strong suggestions from colleageues, friends, students and general public for recognizing Indonesian IAPS. It is hoped that this book will some way enhance the level of awareness on IAPS and help to identify IAPS by visual comparison For each IAPS, a colored picture and a brief description will be sufficient for identification. Correct identification is a great important in deciding their control and management.

Weeds of agricultural ecosystem is wellknown by public, however environmental weeds or invasive alien plant species relatively new for the public. IAPS mostly are introduced species, few are local species which could become invasive in disturbed ecosystem. Weeds and invasive plant species are very often neglected by collectors or are botanists, even though the plants a ready abundant in a certain areas. However, there many have been specimen that are not yet recorded in herbaria or included in the local flora.

The idea to write this book arose from many inquiries and experience by the authors in conducting research, field works and organizing as well as observing herbarium notes training course on weeds IAPS. Therefore we are fully aware that the present and S T , we information and the number of species included only a fraction of the in this book are IAPS in Indonesia. Other group of IAPS such as sedges and , terrestrial ferns some grasses are not included in this book.

We hope that this book is beneficial for the users and provides a reliable informations, especially in understanding IAPS that are spreading across Indonesia.

This book is published with the funding support from SEAMEO BIOTROP DIPA Project 2016.

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