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Tumbuhan invasive dan pendekatan pengelolaannya
by : Soekisman Tjitrosoedirdjo , Sri Sudarmiyati Tjitrosoedirjo, Titiek Setyawati

Update: 16 Aug 2017
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Development and Application of Underwater Acoustics for Ecosystem-Based Management: Proposal for Marine Conservation and Rehabilitation
Researcher : Henry M. Manik, Ph.D
Published : 2016
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Abstract :
This study aims was the development and application of underwater acoustic technology for ecosystem-based management of marine and fisheries resources. Based on the result, profile of the sea depth, especially in the Tidung island of Seribu Islands ranged from 15.0-35.5 m. Coral reefs in the area are rooted in the muddy ocean floor with a mixture of sand sediment. Number of marine life such as fish and zooplankton measured using underwater acoustic effectively. Quantification of roughness and hardness was measured to characterize the seabed. The linkage between acoustic backscatter, grain size, density of fish and zooplankton abundance was measured using two frequencies of acoustic instruments (50 and 200 kHz) from a single beam (single beam). The results showed a relationship type of seabed as a habitat and biota that inhabit density information.