Book Review
Phytoremediation: Management of Environmental Contaminants Vol 1
by : Editors: Ansari, A.A., Gill, S.S., Gill, R., Lanza, G.R., Newman, L

Update: 19 Oct 2017
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Annual Report
Posted: 09 Jan 2017
SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2015 - 2016

On the fourth year of its Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (9th FYDP), SEAMEO BIOTROP strengthened its commitment to develop and empower the human resource in Southeast Asia. This was realized through the Centre’s research, capacity building, community development, information exchange and general administration activities and services along its two program thrusts, namely: Tropical Biology for Community W

Posted: 29 Feb 2016
SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2014-2015

The Centre’s vision, mission and goals guide  its research and development, capacity building, community development,  information exchange and general administration activities and services within its two program thrusts, namely: Tropical Biology for Community Welfare and Tropical Biology for Environmental Integrity. The Centre’s accomplishments in FY 2014/2015 are summarized under the following k
Posted: 30 Dec 2013
SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2013

Fiscal Year 2012-2013 was a significant period for SEAMEO BIOTROP as it redefined its vision to become a “Leading Centre in enhancing and promoting the real values of tropical biology in Southeast Asia” in the light of the current regional concerns in poverty, food security and safety, biodiversity, environment, and climate change. This vision provides the direction for the Centre to take off from the usual basic orientation to a more appl

Posted: 19 Mar 2013
SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2012

Fiscal year 2011-2012, the terminal year for SEAMEO BIOTROP’s 8th Five-Year Development Plan (2007-2012), witnessed the Centre’s consistent effort in carrying out its mandates in research, capacity building and information exchange including its efficient management of its resources and other special programs. The Centre generated significant outputs and outcomes during the period in review along its five program thrusts on pest and d

Posted: 23 Nov 2010
SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2010

SEAMEO BIOTROP has always been cognizant of its responsibility to raise the profile of tropical biology as a vital component to help achieve sustainable development in the Southeast Asian region through research, training, and information exchange. In fiscal year 2009/2010, SEAMEO BIOTROP accomplished planned and unplanned activities having this mandate in mind and in accordance to the five Key Results A