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Posted: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 13:55
6 SEAMEO Centers in Indonesia Identify Collaborative Programs and Activities - 1071 time(s) visited
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Officials of the six SEAMEO Centers in Indonesia agreed to implement collaborative programs and activities in support of the SEAMEO Initiatives and to maximize their expertise and resources towards addressing development needs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia during their regular Inter-Centre Meeting (ICM) held on 7-8 August 2014 at BIOTROP headquarter in Bogor. The six SEAMEO Centers include BIOTROP, Regional Open Learning Center (SEAMOLEC), Regional Center for Food and Nutrition (RECFON), and the Regional Centers for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Language (SEAQIL), Mathematics (SEAQIM), and Science (SEAQIS).

The collaborative programs and activities identified are as follows:

  1. Program on Effective Implementation of the Curriculum 2013 of Indonesia, Program on Standardization of Secondary Education in Language, Science, and Mathematics in Southeast Asia, and One-day Regional Seminar on Best Practices in Implementing K-12 Curriculum in Southeast Asia in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Education Standards and Student Networking and to be coordinated by SEAQIM and SEAQIS;
  2. Village Empowerment Program and provision of face-to-face and computer-mediated public consultation services in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and for promotion of Southeast Asian Living Culture to be coordinated by BIOTROP and RECFON;
  3. Launching of the Virtual Museum for the 6 Centers in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Integrated Information System to be coordinated by SEAMOLEC;
  4. Development of experts databases and web-based knowledge management centers in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Knowledge Management System to be coordinated by BIOTROP;
  5. Conduct of joint staff development program in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Center Mentoring to be coordinated by SEAMOLEC;
  6. Conduct of training needs assessment and training alumni tracer studies in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Training Needs Assessment and Impact Evaluation of Training Programmes to be coordinated by BIOTROP; and
  7. Holding of a SEAMEO Night during the Governing Board meetings of the 6 Centers in connection with SEAMEO’s 50th year anniversary celebration in 2015 in support of SEAMEO Initiative on Promotion of SEA Living Culture to be coordinated by SEAQIS.

Proposals and mechanisms for implementation of the said programs and activities are expected to be developed and finalized during succeeding ICMs in October and November 2014 to be hosted by SEAQIM and RECFON, respectively for funding consideration by the Government of Indonesia and interested partner-institutions. The Centers hope to implement the said programs and activities by second quarter of 2015. (JF)