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Reclamation of Mine-Impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery
by : Nimisha Tripathi, Raj Shekhar Singh, Colin D. Hills

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National Training Course on Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feedstuff
Dr. Okky S. Dharmaputra
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Category : National  Training Course
Date & Venue : 22-25 May 2012, SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor, Indonesia
Objectives                :
At the end of the training, the participants must be able to:
1. Identify the factors affecting fungal growth and mycotoxin contamination in food and feedstuff.
2. Isolate, enumerate and identify fungi infecting food and feedstuff.
3. Analyze mycotoxins in food and feedstuff.
4. Practice appropriate methods to prevent and control mycotoxin contamination in food and feedstuff.
Expected Outputs        : Individual action plans on how they will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the training.
Target Participants       : R & D staff from government and private agencies, research institutions and universities; food and feed industry managers, and private individuals and associated groups interested in prevention and control of mycotoxins in food and feedstuff; maximum of 25 persons
Language                     : Indonesian
Sponsorship               : BIOTROP will provide subsidies to 15 qualified applicants
Course Coodinator      : Dr. Okky S. Dharmaputra
Deadline for Submission of Application Form: 16 April 2012

1. All interested parties are requested to submit duly accomplished application form to the course coordinator (Cc: bio_event[at] on or before the deadline.
2. SEAMEO BIOTROP has the right to cancel or postpone the implementation of this course if the number of participants does not reach the minimum target of 12.
3. For further details on the course, kindly directly email the course coordinator.