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Posted:17 Apr 2018
Consultancy Contract: Design of Vocational Skills Teacher Text Book for CLCs and Provision of Training on Curriculum Development to DNFE Staff



Design of Vocational Skills Teacher Text Book for CLCs and Provision of Training on Curriculum Development to DNFE Staff


Employer:  DVV International Country Office Cambodia on behalf of Department for Non-Formal Education (DNFE) of the Ministry for Education, Youth and Sports

DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV), the German Adult Education Association.
As the leading professional organisation in the field of adult education and development cooperation, DVV International has committed itself to supporting lifelong learning for more than 45 years. DVV International provides worldwide support for the establishment and development of sustainable structures for Youth and Adult Education. For more information, please, consult

Period: 3 months between August and December 2018



Provide capacity building on curriculum development to DNFE staff. Within three months the consultant will provide at least one training to DNFE staff on curriculum development and develop a teacher text book for Training Vocational Skills at Community Learning Center (CLCs).



In 2017 DVV International established partnership with the Department of Non-Formal Education (DNFE) to strengthen the work of the non-formal sector in Cambodia. The specific work in 2017 focused on improving the functioning of CLCs through developing a basic curriculum for Community Based Skills Trainings to be used in CLCs. In the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS), a technical team chaired by the Minister with the Department of Non-Formal Education (DNFE) as a coordinator and 26 members from both MoEYS and NGOs working in the non-formal sector developed the curriculum, which is already approved by the Minister.
In 2018, DNFE and DVV International would like to promote the basic curriculum to be used by CLC’s skills teachers. It was agreed to engage a consultant for developing a Teacher Text Book based on the curriculum and provide trainings to DNFE staff on curriculum development.


The consultant will work closely with a counterpart from DNFE under supervision of the Director of DNFE and other DNFE staff.
In the first two month, the consultant, together with the Cambodian counterparts, will produce a textbook for teachers based on basic curriculum of Community Based Skills using in Community Learning Center. During the third month, the consultant will provide training(s) to DNFE staff on curriculum development. A report on teacher textbook development and curriculum development training will be submitted to DNFE and DVV International at the end of the assignment.
DNFE will nominate an English speaking counterpart to support the expert in implementing all elements of the assignment.


1 Objective of the Consultancy
The main objective of this consultancy is to complement the community level interventions within CLCs mainly aimed at improving living and access to income for communities, via the basic curriculum of community based skills trainings. More specifically, the consultant is to:

  • Develop an innovative teachers text book based on the basic curriculum of community based skills that been approved by the Minister.
  • Develop and implement training(s) on curriculum development ( topics to be discussed with DNFE and DVV International)

2 Deliverables
The consultant shall deliver the following under the agreed contract:

  1. A fully designed Teacher Text Book on basic curriculum of community based
  2. Training sessions on curriculum development for DNFE staff and the outreach team

The consultant shall be solely responsible for the quality and integrity of its services including the deliverable outputs outlined in this Terms of Reference. The consultant shall coordinate all work assignments with DNFE, and conduct discussions and consultations with the counterpart of DNFE as well as other relevant stakeholders in the areas of intervention.


The Consultant will submit the following documents to DVV International in English in 2 hardcopies and an electronic copy:

  • Work plan for the implementation of three months periods.
  • Detailed activity plan for the development of the Teacher Textbook
  • Detailed training Curriculum ( topics to be discussed prior to finalization)
  • A monthly progress report (by email) summarizing progress



The consultant is expected to have the following skills:

  • At least 5 years of proven experience on similar work in Non-Formal Education.
  • Curriculum development skills
  • Expertise in designing and implementing trainings on curriculum development

Knowledge of Khmer language is an asset, but not obligatory.



The overall payment for the consultancy is 7,500$. The consultant should cover all personal expenditures, including travel and accommodation from this amount.



Applicants are request to send their application to Ms Peou Vanna, DVV International Country Director exclusively by e-mail ( until 30 April. Ms Peou can be contacted as well for further inquiries.

The application should consist of

  • CV
  • Motivation letter

Please refrain from sending additional supporting documents.