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Reclamation of Mine-Impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery
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Posted:08 Feb 2017
Indoped Webinar SEAMOLEC 2017

INDOPED – Modernizing Indonesian Higher Education with Tested European Pedagogical Practices, the project is to raise the teaching capacity of Indonesian University teachers. We see that teachers’ role should be more like a mentor and facilitator of learning, not a teacher in the traditional meaning. Active University-enterprise cooperation, which gives students more possibilities to enhance their competencies in real working life situations, is a key for more efficient as well as cost- effective higher education. During the INDOPED project we shall test and adjust European active learning practices and embed the most valuable ones into the structures of Indonesian partner universities.

And also, the objective of the INDOPED project for the Indonesian university partners is to bring added value to their educational system by updating pedagogical approaches and to bridge the gap between what is taught in the university and what is required by business and industry. Different learning methods from European university partners will be introduced and shared to Indonesian lecturers. These learning methods put students at the center of learning process. Many of these methods use multidisciplinary pedagogical approaches which would allow Indonesian students to prepare for the challenges on the labor market. This will also expectedly increase inter faculty and inter university cooperation. In addition, there are methods which require university-enterprise cooperation which can bridge the gap between the two.

The INDOPED project is divided into seven work packages (WP1 to WP7). The WP1 (Introduction and Instructive training of the practices) comprises the critical step, in which the European learning methods are introduced to the Indonesian partners for them to choose and try out in a pilot implementation. A self-assessment of the Indonesian university partners will be conducted to identify the current teaching and learning practice and upon which an individual agreement of objectives will set as the benchmark against the success of the project in later stages. The self- assessment aims to understand the needs and readiness of Indonesian.

University partners to pilot the European learning methods. The results will be utilized by the European partners to make necessary customization of their workshop materials before the learning methods are piloted at Indonesian partners. Indoped project Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The overall aim of “Indoped Webinar SEAMOLEC 2017”, are as follows:

  1. Share pilot project implementation between Indonesian and European University learning methods.
  2. Recent information of implementation and development for Tested European Pedagogical Practices to South East Asian Country
  3. Giving inspiration to teacher from Tested European Pedagogical Practices, implemented into Indonesian University for South East Asian Country
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