Book Review
Reclamation of Mine-Impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery
by : Nimisha Tripathi, Raj Shekhar Singh, Colin D. Hills

Update: 13 Sep 2019
Published: since 1 Mar 2008

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Dr. Sri Sudarmiyati Tjitrosoedirdjo, M.Sc. : Weed Taxonomy; Biological Control of Weeds
Dr. Soekisman Tjitrosoedirdjo : Weed ecology/ Weed science
Dr. Idham Sakti Harahap : Stored Product dan Urban Entomology
Prof. Drh. Bambang Purwantara, MSc, PhD : Reproduction Biotechnology
Dr. Supriyanto : Forest Biotechnology
Dr. Ir. Burhanuddin Masy'ud, M.Si : Natural Resources Conservation
Dr. Ir. Abdul Munif M.Sc.Agr : Plant Pathology
Dr. Ir. Arief Sabdo Yuwono, M.Sc : Environmental sanitation engineering, Environmental science, Air quality and noise management, and Waste management technology
Prof Ris Dr Muhammad Winugroho : Animal Feed and Nutrition (Big Ruminants)
Dr. Sutomo : Ecological restoration, landscape ecology, remote sensing in ecology, plant community, forest and fire ecology, invasive species management, and plant and biodiversity conservation
Dr. Awang Maharijaya : Plant Biotechnology, Plant Breeding, Horticulture
Dr. Dewi Wulandari : Soil Science, Plant Nutrition, Soil Microbiology and Biotechnology
Dr. Ichsan Akhmad Fauzi : Aquaculture, Fish Feed Production