Book Review
Reclamation of Mine-Impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery
by : Nimisha Tripathi, Raj Shekhar Singh, Colin D. Hills

Update: 21 Oct 2019
Published: since 1 Mar 2008

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Field Experimental Sites

SEAMEO BIOTROP Experimental Field has an area of 4.57 Ha.

The experimental field is used for field experiments and plant collections, mainly to support researches, nursery field and for the importance of training courses conducted by SEAMEO BIOTROP.

Based on its present usage it is divided into :

  1. Tree collection : Teak, Duabanga, Albizzia (Cepu), Kuku (Sulawesi), Agarwood, Shorea, reforestation trees, Jabon etc.
  2. Arboretum for forest trees : Shorea, Pinus , vetiver root, etc.
  3. Experimental field for annual crops : application of herbicides , insecticides, fertilizers and other agro-chemicals; research on Pogostemon cablin, vetiver aromatic roots, satoimo, etc.
  4. Ornamental plants
  5. Nursery
  6. Shed and processing unit for compost sludge
  7. Sorghum Farm